Seems everyone’s doing it now!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Well, when I say everyone – I obviously mean not me!

But here I am, I’ve had a quick 5 minutes look at the wordpress user guide – and I’m all set.

Better introduce myself. I’m Warren, but better known as Wozzer. I work alongside Doun Raden (better known as Den) – and we both report to the boss here – Dave Perkes (better known as The Boss). I look after marketing, sales and development. Den is in charge of the office and tour administration.

Here at Peace of Angkor Tours, we’re all enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it. We’ll keep posts on this blog relevant to things that go on in and around Siem Reap and Cambodia in general. I’ll probably write a fair bit of irrelevant stuff too!

If you’ve been on tour with us – you’ll know just how good we are! Feel free to keep in touch with us on here. Email me some of your photos, and I’ll add some onto this blog. (Or is it into this blog?)

If you’re thinking of coming on tour with us – for a day, a week or more – and have any questions, email me:  warren [at] peaceofangkor [dot] com If relevant, I’ll try and add the question and my answer on here – for the good of all, so to speak.

Dave, Den and I will post notes, articles, anecdotes and musings on here. We’d all welcome your feedback and ideas for articles.

By Wozzer


One Response to “Seems everyone’s doing it now!”

  1. Amanda McDonald Says:

    Hey Woz Just thought I’d have a look and make my commment 🙂 “Doing a fantastic job on the website. I like the videos now I can see the places I WILL be coming to see one day”. Hope you’re well. Amanda x

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