Su’sday Ch’nam Tamai

Thursday 15 April 2010

…which is ‘Happy New Year’ here in Cambodia!

Peace of Angkor staff Siem Reap Cambodia

Savy - preparing the traditional New Year offering to the gods. (Didn't realise he drank Sprite though!)

And the Khmers don’t do things by half – it’s a three-days event during this week. Officially 14 – 16 April, many people take the week off – to go back to their ‘homeland’. I love that term – it really means the town, village or province in Cambodia that they come from.

So a bit like Xmas for us westerners. They get together with their families to eat, drink and party! It’s made things a bit quieter here in Siem Reap, as many people have left for their homeland. Not so for us foreigners though – I  have to work. Still I’m glad to cover for our Khmer staff here at Peace of Angkor.

So it’s Susdey Ch’nam Tamai to our staff here, Khmer friends in Cambodia and our readers everywhere!

By Wozzer


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