Video Trials

Saturday 24 April 2010

While we’re having a week of testing, analysis and feedback – I thought I’d try my hand at movie-making! I’ll be adding these into our main website at some point in the future.

The movies have been shot on a small Cannon Ixus 70 photo camera and edited in Microsoft Moviemaker.

Movie editing isn’t really our scene (yet!!) – we’re best at still photography and operating tours .

So – please have a look at the movies and if you have time – we’d be really grateful for some feedback – good or bad.

I guess my concern is that a bad movie is worse than no movie on a website. Or do these ‘amateur’ movies really capture things in a more natural sense? Please let me know your thoughts.



Village Market:

Bamboo Train:

On the Tonle Sap:


3 Responses to “Video Trials”

  1. Fred Sigman Says:

    A very nice start with the videos. Dave, is this vid made with the camera you bought after our visit there in October 2009? The Tonle Sap vid makes me homesick. As soon as I wrangle myself out of increasing commitments here, I hope to return. Maybe I’ll make it back in November for the Photo Fest.

    • Hi Fred, thanks for the comments on the Videos. They weren’t mine they were done by Marketing Manager Warren out on the lake in February. he was using a stills digital can for the shots.
      The Sanyo handycam the I bought in Oct is good quality but I’ve had problems with editing the shots due to the file format. Ive more or less given up on it for the moment as I have no time.
      I bought a Nikon D300s in Feb mainly for wildlife as it is fast and has a brilliant A/F system.The HD video is better than expected and is a good if used on a tripod. Ive tried it out a bit and it is much easier to view and edit . If I get an external mike it will make a very usable video cam.

  2. Kevin Clark Says:

    The Bamboo Train is SO fun, thanks for the video. What I liked best is how inventive the people in Battambang were to use an abandoned train track, an old moto engine, some train wheels and axles, plus a little wood and voila — they have a tourist “must-do.” Incredible people, incredibly fun to be with them.

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