Dengue Fever in Phnom Penh

Sunday 16 May 2010

Before you get concerned about my state of health; Dengue Fever are an American rock band who play Khmer style rock, harking back to the innovative music that came out of the country in the 1960s. The band stopped off in Cambodia in the middle of a world tour. Steve and I had the onerous 🙂 task of shooting the band for week from Monday 10th May.

The first gig at the Parkway theater included the Legendary Kung Nai the octogenarian master of the Chapai (2 stringed guitar)

Chapai master Kung Nai

Kung Nai and his 2 stringed Chapai guitar

Senon making a trunk call

I went out with the Band on Weds 12th May to Ta Kmau zoo south of Phnom Penh .  Dengue Fever are helping support the organization which conserves and rehabilitates animals that have been captured and neglected .

Dngue fFever and elephant

Dngue Fever and elephant

Animals at the park   include:  tigers, elephant apes, bears and rare birds in a 250 hectare site. It’s an interesting place which is likely to be featured in our custom southern Cambodia tours.

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever at Wat Botum LA Times shot

The Concert at Wat Botum was attended by over 3000 people. This image was published in the Los Angeles Times 19th May 2010

Dengue Fever lead singer Nimol

Nimol of Dengue Fever at Wat Botum

Dave Perkes on action at Dengue fever gig

Dave Perkes in action at Dengue Fever gig

photo by Andy Brouwer of Dave in action

Images by  Dave Perkes 15th May 2010


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