Seven Years in Siem reap and New Peace Of Angkor Photo website

Saturday 29 May 2010

Its taken a while but after 6 weeks work by Dave with the invaluable support of Woz is now on line.

The site has been totally rebuilt from the ground up with new information and photos, keeping the best of the old ones of course.  The emphasis is on information on Cambodia and  the temples in an easy-to-read form; with the best photography on Angkor you will find anywhere.

The look is very different and much simpler to navigate and use!

The original Peace of Angkor website was started  soon after Colleen and Dave arrived here at the end of May 2003 . Web design has moved along since then; so it was time for a change, as the old site was too complex to update.

By something of a coincidence it was published yesterday 28th May exactly  7 years to the Day that Coll and Dave Arrived here.  Sadly Coll is not here at present but does plan to be here later in the year.

Peace of angkor Photo web header

Peace of Angkor Photo web header

Further to the Dengue Fever photos I took on 3th May.  I had a shot of the band published in the Los Angeles times (the one of all the band on stage),on 20th May.


One Response to “Seven Years in Siem reap and New Peace Of Angkor Photo website”

  1. Coll Says:

    The 28th May 2003 was a day to remember when Dave and I arrived, we have made some amazing Cambodian friends along the way, and meeting some interesting guests too. Our Cambodian friends are still our good friends, and have been supporting Dave and I throughout the years.

    Unfortunately at present I am in the UK supporting my family through illness, but I do hope to be back with Dave and all my friends later in the year.


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