Volunteer Project at rural school near Siem Reap

Monday 14 June 2010

students digging

students digging

I spent Wednesday at Steung School near Roluos. looking at the latest project from the Singaporean education organization Lifeworks which Peace Of Angkor have been coordinating.

Lifeworks are an international organization which take parties of schoolchildren and high school students to Cambodia volunteering and funding development projects for schools in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap areas.

painting the slide

painting the slide

The current project involved the Students from Yuhua Secondary School in Singapore. They were  working on the construction of playground equipment and helping with the assembly of new desks for the school. You can see here the students digging sand, finishing off the desks and painting a slide and seesaw which the Lifeworks organization had made for the school.

Finishing off new desks

Finishing off new desks

This work benefits the students who live a totally different lifestyle to the children they are helping. Most of these students have never been exposed to poverty; so its a valuable experience for them. The families and friends of the students have been generous in donating clothes and toys for the children. You can see our guide Ta Elit Supervising the distribution of clothing with one of the secondary school teachers.

Ta and teacher sortinf clothing donations

Ta and teacher sorting clothing donations

Peace Of Angkor have been arranging these school projects in the Siem Reap area since 2007. The groups range in size from 20 to 40 students and teachers for between 2 and 7 days taking in a mix of Angkor visits and volunteer projects. Ta Elit and his brother Aung has been doing a lot of ground work for this project; coordinating materials and aliasing with local suppliers to ensure this project and all our previous projects run smoothly.

Completed see saw

Completed see saw

One of the most exciting things about this is the way the relatively wealthy kids from Singapore interact, play and get on with the Cambodian village kids. They may come from different worlds and backgrounds but they share the same sense of fun and enthusiasm.

The school group

All the school and Yuhua Secondary School students at final meeting

Ta Elit is passionate about helping those less fortunate than himself. Ta has been involved with the planning and coordination of these events. he has taken a lot of his personal time looking for suitable schools,organizing building materials and local craftsmen. Is is a labour of love which is rewarded in  the faces of the children  and the long term benefits and relationships with the local village communities.


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