Craig and Chanthas Engagement

Friday 30 July 2010

Regular guest and friend Craig Soden from Melbourne is marrying Chantha our ex assistant cook. This will happen later in the year. On 26th July it was their engagement.
We welcome him into the Peace Of Angkor extended family and were all at the celebration at Chanthas family home near Damdek 37kms from Siem Reap.
Khmers take weddings and engagements very seriously with a Buddhist celebration with blessing from the priest. Rings are exchanged, family and friends join in for an important celebration and breakfast afterward. A Khmer wedding photographer ad dresser prepared Craig and Chantha for the photo session where they dress in their pre wedding finery. Craig was relived to know they had clothes big enough to fit his 2 metre frame.
The event went well and it’s so greet to see the two lovely people get together.

Other things happening!

Woz  is still in UK for among other things his daughters Graduation He will be returning to Siem Reap on 8thb August

Housekeeper Salat is expecting a baby in 6 months time.

Hun has joined the team on a full time basis as Daves  Photo assistant. He has been invaluable in helping  Dave prepare images for the web site and managing a vast image collection.

Den has just stetted a computer maintenance course. Hes tech savvy so the additional skills will  be a help.


2 Responses to “Craig and Chanthas Engagement”

  1. Coll Says:

    I am so excited and very happy to hear the wonderful news that Craig and Chanta are getting married, having known Craig a long time and also Chanta when she worked at our villa as assistant cook. I wish you both every happiness for the future, I am sorry that I could not be there for your engagagement festivities, you both look very happy. A big God Bless from Mummy Coll in UK.

  2. Craig Soden Says:

    Hi Coll,

    Thanks for the kind words, and I wish you could have been there to help us celebrate. We had a wonderful time at the engagement, made more special by having my extended POA family there, and of course Chantha looked absolutely gorgeous.

    Hope you are well, and we’ll catch up again before too long.


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