A Reversal of Roles; Dave takes guides to Angkor!

Sunday 15 August 2010

12th August 15, 2010 the start of a very busy week after a quiet few weeks. I took 3 of our guides on  a day of photography around Angkor. There is something of an irony here that I a westerner should be driving and taking 3 guides round the temples for a change!

Sorm Thet and Dave at Angkor

A photo training session at Angkor

There was a purpose for this; to brush up on their photographic knowledge of course. Ta needs no introduction to photography as he is often using my digital cameras.  However photography is a complex subject and even experts have something to learn   The opportunity of handling pro cameras is not something the other guys get very often.  Sorn has a small compact camera so leapt at the chance to use my D300. Thet cannot afford a digital camera; well he does have a young family to support nowadays. He started off with my Fuji S5 Pro which would be a daunting task for  many beginners. He was soon taking some very nice images as below.

Angkor Thom South Gate by thet

Thet took this beautifully composed shot of the South Gate of Angkor Thom framed by trees

Compared to a point and shoot an SLR looks complex; however the guys soon understood the main controls and I was taking them onto the territory of exposure compensation, white balance ISO and depth of field etc.

One of the main objectives was to gain a better understanding of composition which can sometimes be overlooked in favour of the technicalities. The weather was disappointing, cloudy in the morning turning to drizzle in the afternoon? We did get the odd patch of sunlight; enough to demonstrate the use of a polarizer a get some light on those enigmatic Bayon faces.

Vishnu by Sorn

A great shot by Sorn: well composed and lit with perfect positioning of the figure, parasol and the sweep of the 8 arms.

Bayion face from lower level

Ta found us this unusual view from the lower level of Bayon.

Bayon reflected

A shot by Sorn of The Bayon and geese on the pool that forms in the wet season

The areas we covered were Angkor Thom and Bayon and Angkor Wat. It was very rewarding to so some nice shots from all three of them!

Bayon shrine

Thet took this nicely exposed and balanced shot of one of the shrines at the Bayon.

It seemed very strange to me with no camera round the neck; but It was probably a good ideas to  have a few shots of my ugly mug for a change. The end result was very positive.  I have included some of Ta  Sorn and Thets best shots from the session here.


One Response to “A Reversal of Roles; Dave takes guides to Angkor!”

  1. Kevin Clark Says:

    Good for you Dave. I’m impressed with the results from your budding shutterbugs. Keep it up!

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