The snake that tried to eat my camera

Wednesday 20 October 2010

The snake that tried to eat my camera!

The snake that tried to eat my camera!

This we have been running a tour for photojournalist Karl Grobl of Jim Cline Photo tours. Its always a pleasure to meet  Karl,  he is a humanitarian photographer we have be  working with on tours for 5 seasons now . We took his group out on the Tonle  sap lake to Kompong Khleang.  It was good opportunity to try out a new lens, which I bought a few days before, to replace my Nikon 17-55 F2.8 which a managed to break  in Bangkok.

I thought Nikon pro lenses were pretty well indestructible; but due to a total carelessness on my behalf I smashed it against a post in Bangkok  while walking on a narrow path. If I  had the lens shade it on it  would have broken, but would have taken the impact. Anyway I now have a Sigma 17-70 F2.8  which was less than half the price of a replacement Nikon and under the $600 to repair my 5 year old heavily used 17-55 .

We approached a fishing boat and could see  the boatman had just caught a 2 metre long  python. He held it up for us for photos.  I have no fear of snakes but will not mess with any venomous species. Pythons have no venom, but kill their victims by giving them a nasty hug!  I climbed aboard the boat and took a few close up shots. It suddenly lashed out at my camera striking the lens. Maybe it saw it reflection in the glass?

Anyway I have discovered my new Sigma lens has an ANTI SNAKE FILTER!!


One Response to “The snake that tried to eat my camera”

  1. Karl Grobl Says:

    Hi Dave, I loved your piece about the snake almost eating your camera! It was great working with you last month….always a pleasure! I also enjoyed the article by Warren about the bamboo train. I did a short post on my blog as well, including an iPhone video Take care and I’ll see you in February. Cheers, Karl

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