New Photo Club to launch in Siem Reap.

Saturday 18 December 2010


New Photo Club to launch in Siem Reap.

Local photographers will soon benefit from the formation of a new camera and photo society, located in Siem Reap.Angkor Photo Club logo

The brainchild of Siem Reap-based British Photographer Dave Perkes, Angkor Photo Club has been formed to provide local and international photo enthusiasts an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and technique.

Angkor Photo Club members will enjoy a club that is free from joining fees and in addition to regular club meetings and social activities; they will also have free access to website, forum and online photo galleries in which to showcase their work.

Mr Perkes said today: “Photography is all around us with millions of people who carry cameras and take photos in this special place of Angkor.  We want to encourage photography to be an enjoyable positive experience and non elitist.”

He added “We will give support to those who want to learn more and give impartial advice on equipment where needed.”

There are no restrictions on membership. The Angkor Photo Club is open for amateurs who want to know more and professionals who have a commitment to helping others enjoy this creative activity. Local Khmer photographers are positively encouraged to join.

Mr Perkes went on to say: “We aim to meet here in Siem Reap on regular schedule each month. The meetings will be informal and a social occasion. The members decide the content and theme of each meeting in advance there will be opportunities for slideshows and guest presenters. Support and encouragement to Khmer photographers is a core activity and the interaction between Khmer and Foreign amateur photographers is an important part of this”.

The inaugural meeting for the club is scheduled for Tuesday 18 January 2011 at a location to be advised, in Siem Reap. Further details of the meeting and club membership is available on their website


PR Contact: Warren Garber


A tour company with a difference!

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Well – many differences actually! But I’d just like to share the news about our new tour office here in Siem Reap.

Peace of Angkor Cafe Bar Siem Reap Cambodia

Travellers in Siem Reap enjoying refreshments and swapping tales!

Not only is it the admin hub for tour planning and operations, our forward-thinking owner Dave Perkes has created what must be Cambodia’s first travel office combined with a cafe bar!

Now travellers can just call in, find out about information on travelling in Cambodia, photography or maybe even book on one of our tours!

Here’s what the ‘Canby Publications’ Siem Reap Angkor Visitors Guide’ has to say:

Created by travellers for travellers, Peace of Angkor café bar is a cool and airy meeting place, where you can research, plan and select places to visit, while enjoying a hot or cold drink or a snack.

The café bar also has local and national tour and destination advice for solo travellers, couples or groups. The owner is a renowned location photographer, who is always ready for an exchange of ideas or discussion on any aspect of photography.

Open from 9am to 10pm every day, it’s an excellent venue – the photo gallery alone is well worth the visit. Situated on Street 20, off Wat Bo Road , next to the New Apsara Supermarket.

So, while you’re in Siem Reap – please call in and see us!

Su’sday Ch’nam Tamai

Thursday 15 April 2010

…which is ‘Happy New Year’ here in Cambodia!

Peace of Angkor staff Siem Reap Cambodia

Savy - preparing the traditional New Year offering to the gods. (Didn't realise he drank Sprite though!)

And the Khmers don’t do things by half – it’s a three-days event during this week. Officially 14 – 16 April, many people take the week off – to go back to their ‘homeland’. I love that term – it really means the town, village or province in Cambodia that they come from.

So a bit like Xmas for us westerners. They get together with their families to eat, drink and party! It’s made things a bit quieter here in Siem Reap, as many people have left for their homeland. Not so for us foreigners though – I  have to work. Still I’m glad to cover for our Khmer staff here at Peace of Angkor.

So it’s Susdey Ch’nam Tamai to our staff here, Khmer friends in Cambodia and our readers everywhere!

By Wozzer

Seems everyone’s doing it now!

Thursday 15 April 2010

Well, when I say everyone – I obviously mean not me!

But here I am, I’ve had a quick 5 minutes look at the wordpress user guide – and I’m all set.

Better introduce myself. I’m Warren, but better known as Wozzer. I work alongside Doun Raden (better known as Den) – and we both report to the boss here – Dave Perkes (better known as The Boss). I look after marketing, sales and development. Den is in charge of the office and tour administration.

Here at Peace of Angkor Tours, we’re all enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it. We’ll keep posts on this blog relevant to things that go on in and around Siem Reap and Cambodia in general. I’ll probably write a fair bit of irrelevant stuff too!

If you’ve been on tour with us – you’ll know just how good we are! Feel free to keep in touch with us on here. Email me some of your photos, and I’ll add some onto this blog. (Or is it into this blog?)

If you’re thinking of coming on tour with us – for a day, a week or more – and have any questions, email me:  warren [at] peaceofangkor [dot] com If relevant, I’ll try and add the question and my answer on here – for the good of all, so to speak.

Dave, Den and I will post notes, articles, anecdotes and musings on here. We’d all welcome your feedback and ideas for articles.

By Wozzer

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